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Dear Friends

I have been a silent member of this group since 2-3 months. Finally, I got selected for TCS. I thank the whole group and Friends ma'am  for helping me crack TCS.

My experience with TCS:
For the test,  questions are more than sufficient. Prepare thoroughly all the files.

At the interview:
About 47 of us were short-listed in the test. We were there by 9.30am as requried and were allowed inside at 10.00am as they had planned. My name was in the third one from the last, so it was a long wait for me. There were six (6) panels. And the assessment of each of the panels was different. So, there was some factor called luck. There were two rounds: Technical interview and HR interview. No MR for us, as it usually happens in TCS.  We were given a Blue form (the application form), to fill-in while others were being interviewed. And after our Technical interview, he would call out our name and take our blue form. If selected for the next round, he asks us to wait otherwise asks us to leave, while taking the blue form. (If you are wondering what the blue form is, its nothing but the details in our resume that we had to fill, and nothing else.) Vineel was the first one from our class to attend the technical interview. Since my name was one among the last, I was called in only at about 2.30pm. (In the meanwhile students were even called in for the HR interview).
I got one of the coolest panels. There was a lady and a gentleman.
As I went in.....
Lady: Come in...
Me: Hello Ma'am. Hello Sir.
Lady: Have your seat.
Me: Thank You, Ma'am
(I did not even think of experimenting with this interview because of my bad experience with Infosys).
G'Man: Sunil, tell me about yourself!
Me: told
G'Man: (interrupted as I paused for taking a breath) Is this your first interview?
Me: No Sir, this is my second interview.
G'Man: Which was the first one?
Me: Infosys.
G'Man:..and what is the status?
Me: I got rejected.
G'Man: What reason they give? I mean what did they say??
Me: They simply said that my application was not suitable.
G'Man: So which part of Orissa you are from?
Me: told (I'm not telling you guys because you wont even spell it correctly, forget about knowing it). Its a small village.
G'Man: Your father is working in Visakhapatnam?
Me: He is a retired employee of Shipyard in Visakhapatnam.
G'Man: Since how long have you been in Hyderabad?
Me: It has only been 2 months.
G'Man: So you this Test Center is your final project...
Lady: (interrupting) Skyways -touch the sky is the project, other one is non-academic.
G'Man: So, what is this Skyways..??
Me: explained my project
Lady: So you did it using Servlets and JSPs
Me: Yes.
Lady: Oracle and MySQL, you have worked on these?
Me: I have used MySQL in the project.
Lady: Web-designing, Flash and Photoshop
Me: Yes, ma'am, we used flash and photoshop for the designing aspect of the project.
G'Man: Did you sell your project to some airline company?? Like emirates, etc? (laughes)
Me: No, Sir, I did not sell that one, but I sold my other project, which is in VB.Net.
Lady: What is this Test Center?
Me: Explaind the other project.
Lady: So you know VB.NET also.
Me: I know the basics of it, nothing too deep.
G'Man: So what is your favorite subject in your Engineering?
Me: I am comfortable be the programming languages, C, C++ and Java
G'Man: okay, suppose you were given a project, and asked you to choose one language, which one would you choose?
Me: I would choose Java.
G'Man: why?
Me: Because, Java is the language I last worked on..So, I have a better grip on Java than C and C++.
G'Man: How do you rate yourself from 1 to 10 in Java?
Me: Around 7.
Lady: In C, C++?
Me: Also around 6 or 7.
Lady: (took over now and started the technical questions) Do you know fianlly??
Me: Yes, Ma'am.
Lady: What does it do?
Me: explained.
Lady: So you know what final is??
Me: Yes, and explained.
Lady: Have you heard of finalize?
Me: Yes, explained.
Lady: If I say at the last line of the program some vairable = null, wont it free the memory? Why finalize?
Me: No, it will not free the memory most people dont prefer using finalize becuase....blah blah blah.
G'Man: Look at this code for the greatest number, and tell me if this is correct (it was a program written by one of the previous candidates)
Me: (looked at it) This program doesn't work for negative numbers.
G'Man: Apart from negative numbers, it works fine?
Me: Yes sir, other than negative numbers, its correct.
G'man: Check again! (...and tried to confuse me....)
Me: explained the complete main logic and how the program's logic was correct.
G'Man: But you said, it wont work for negative numbers.
Me: Yes sir, apart from negative numbers, this program works fine.
Since big is here initialized to zero (0), for negative number it will always print zero as the greatet number even if zero is not in the array.
Lady: What should we do to make it work for negative numbers?
Me: Initilize big to one of the elements in the array.
Lady: Do it in the program and show.
Me: did it and showed...
Lady: Do you know Call by reference and Call by value???
Me: Yes. (surprised as she suddenly shifted to C)
Lady: Can you write a small program illustrating them?
Me: Yes, (started writing the swap program)
Lady: Can you swap the variables without using the temporary variable?
Me: Yes.
Lady: Show!!
Me: started working it out, even if I had it byheart.
Lady: Its okay, Sunil, if you don't remember.
Me: No, Ma'am, I know, just verifying (finished and showed)
Lady: Is it correct? Check it!
Me: (checked and.. )Yes Ma'am its correct.
Lady: Okay continue with the program.
G'Man: (as I was cross-checking my pointers) Its okay, sunil, you can go.
Me: Excuse me, sir.
G'man: You can go.
Me: (cold and surprised and worried) Thank you sir, thank you ma'am!
I came out of the room. I was very much frightened whether I will qualify for the next round or not! This other guy who was collecting blue forms, took everyone else's forms, and asked some of them to leave and others to wait. I waited some 5-10 minutes in complete anxiety whether I will see the HR or not. And finally, this guy called my name, and asked my blue-form and my photo, I was such a relief!!! (For the candidates who did not get selected, he did not take the photo). I was the last but one for the HR interview.
A new guy came out and called my name. I went as he led the way to a new room. There was no one in this room other than the guy who led me to it and myself. He was the HR himself. He was very young, some 25-28 years old, and very casual.
HR: Sit down Sunil.
Me: Thank you, Sir.
HR: So, how does it feel being the last but one person to be interviewed.
Me: A bit nervous.
HR: Why? Are you not confident?
Me: No sir, I am confident.
HR: If you are confident, you shouldnt be nervous. Be it first or last, you should have the determination: I can do it!
Me: Yes sir, but being the last one out, it gave a chill.
HR: Okay sunil, impress me!
Me: (I told about my academics, my traits, key qualities, and my aim)
HR: What do you want to be in the next 5 years?
Me: In the next five years, I want to become a team-leader. (I wrote that in the blue form and he was looking at it, so I couldn't be too ambitious)
HR: Its not that easy man, you see there is a 2 year contract..
Me: Thats fine with me sir.
HR: Again, we are not sure where you will be placed, you can be placed anywhere like Lucknow, Mumbai, Bangalore....
Me: That is also fine with me sir.
HR: What was your toughest situation in your life and how did you overcome it?
Me: told. (dont ask me what I told)
HR: Okay sunil, do you have any questions?
Me: Yes sir, What do you have in store for us - freshers?
HR: He explained everything from top to bottom - what the freshers need to do, training and also that most of them run away during training because it is very intensive. and told everythihng...and finally, See how hard it is even for us,  I have to work even on Sundays. It has been like since 4 weeks now for us. Thousands of people getting interviewed. ...
Me: looking into his eyes and nodding my head and smiling now and then. after he finished, One more question sir, I heard that this contract for 2 years, is it after training 2 years or including training?
HR: (he was also not sure) It is 2 years after training. Any more questions?
Me: No, sir.
HR: Ok Sunil thank you, we will get back to you in 3 working days.
Me: Thank you sir. (walked out of the room)
Others were told that they will be contacted in one week, but this HR told me that I will be informed in 3 days.
I waited for 5 minutes there, just in case, they wanted to call me again, or something else. And then came out.
Finally, I got selected!!

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