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In each of the following questions, choose the set of figures which follows the given rule.


Choose the set of figures which follows the given rule.

Rule: Closed figures gradually become open and open figures gradually become closed.

Answer: Option
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Avsudheergupta said:   1 decade ago
According to given rule answer is option no 4.

Nagendramurthy said:   1 decade ago
Please read the question correctly.

Answer given is right.

In option 4 open figure remained open in second step which has to closed according to the rule.

Ashish bhardwaj said:   1 decade ago
Actually it has not been cleared that what will be the next step?

Rakesh said:   1 decade ago
In option 2 both are closed and finally they are opened according to the question, then why can't option 2 be the answers.

Akki said:   9 years ago
Given Answer [c] is correct. Gradually means slowly (change should take place in every step) and finally closed become open and vice-versa.

Annamalai said:   8 years ago
Please I did understand explain the answer.

Santhoshini said:   8 years ago
According to the rule the rectangle is gradually appearing and inside the rectangle, the square is appearing. So, given 3 option is correct.

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