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Directions to Solve

In each of the following questions, select a figure from amongst the four alternatives, which when placed in the blank space of figure (X) would complete the pattern.


Identify the figure that completes the pattern.

     (X)                 (1)             (2)              (3)             (4)
Answer: Option

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B.ashleshya said:   12 months ago
Yes, @Sajid.

The opposite pairs are rotated 90 degrees.

Sajid said:   2 years ago
The opposite pairs are rotated to 90 degrees.

Rajveer singh said:   2 years ago
Yes, there is two boxes are placed perpendicular to each other means 90-degree rotation 'so the correct answer will be 2.

Aadil Nabi said:   4 years ago
In this pattern, there is actually the clockwise rotation.

The 2nd square box is the clockwise rotation of the 4th box.

Similarly, for 1st square box, option (B) will be correct.

Varisha said:   5 years ago
Thanks @Aishwarya!

Harjeet Singh said:   6 years ago
Great @Aishwarya.

Your point of explaining is amazing, Thanks.

Aishwarya said:   6 years ago
There is 45-degree rotation every time.

Nandhini said:   7 years ago
This answer is so confused. Anyone help me to get it.

Suendra karki said:   8 years ago
Any one explain it bit properly?

Imran said:   9 years ago
@Smriti. If you see NE(north-east) and SW lines are perpendicular to each other like wise there will be horizontal line in the question mark area. There you can check there NW and SE are perpendicular to each other.

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