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Directions to Solve

In each of the following questions, select a figure from amongst the four alternatives, which when placed in the blank space of figure (X) would complete the pattern.


Identify the figure that completes the pattern.

     (X)                 (1)             (2)              (3)             (4)
Answer: Option

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Keshar luite said:   11 months ago
How is it possible? Explain the answer, please.

Suleiman ibn Abubakar said:   1 year ago

The reason why it isn't the first or another one is, that all the triangles in the box do not occupy the whole space of the vox except the 4th that does which suit the X.

Jai sansanwal said:   2 years ago
Explain the answer.

Deepika said:   2 years ago
The Correct answer is option D.

Ayush Sengar said:   4 years ago
Thanks @Bikash.

Cutenic said:   5 years ago
How is it possible?

Pradeepun said:   6 years ago
How is it possible?

Charu said:   6 years ago
Why not first one?

Bikash khadka said:   7 years ago
Observe from first square based angles. Those angles are running in anti clock wise direction respectively.

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