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Discussion :: Paper Folding - Section 1 (Q.No.1)

In each of the following problems, a square transparent sheet (X) with a pattern is given. Figure out from amongst the four alternatives as to how the patter would appear when the transparent sheet is folded at the dotted line.


Find out from amongst the four alternatives as to how the pattern would appear when the transparent sheet is folded at the dotted line.

     (X)                     (1)                 (2)                 (3)                 (4)

[A]. 1
[B]. 2
[C]. 3
[D]. 4

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Stephen said: (Dec 31, 2010)  
I can't understand.

Himanshu said: (Jan 20, 2011)  
Right part of dotted sheet will be rotated by 180 degree.

Joginder said: (Mar 18, 2011)  
Somebody please provide detailed solution.

Komal said: (Mar 27, 2011)  
Submerge the twofold and then see.

We can see it clearly.

Abhishek said: (Apr 24, 2011)  
Answer clearly observed in figure.

Nagendramurthy said: (Jun 24, 2011)  
If you want it to understand clearly. Take a transparent sheet and draw the figure given in X mark and fold it. The you will observed the how the figure looks after folding. This is the best way to learn this type of problems in beginning.

Kmn said: (Sep 21, 2011)  
Imagine the right side folded on top of the left side.

Confused said: (Oct 18, 2011)  
Number 1 looks correct to me. I have drew it out and folded it.

Ripan said: (Nov 11, 2011)  
The sheet is transparent. Remember that!

Sumit said: (Mar 12, 2013)  
It's very easy if you will fold to the paper left hand side then it will looks like image (4) because the paper is transparent.

Devesh said: (Aug 28, 2013)  
Just fold the sheet from middle and look.

M.Lalitha Sravanthi said: (Sep 13, 2013)  
An right side dotted paper is folded to 90 degree's.

Sunil said: (Nov 30, 2013)  
Option (4) is correct but how somebody clear this?

Sarishma said: (Feb 8, 2014)  
I understanded ; draw this picture this picture in white paper thickly and fold it.

Mlv said: (Jul 30, 2014)  
What is diff between c and d ?

Irudayaraj said: (Aug 1, 2014)  
Since the sheet is transparent, every line or curve would be seen. The option D shows everything. So, that's the correct answer. In other cases, some parts are hidden.

Parmeet said: (Nov 30, 2014)  
I do get but it needs more explaining.

Max said: (Jan 23, 2015)  
Number looks like the answer.

Avkz said: (Mar 4, 2015)  
Clearly said that it is a transparent sheet so option 1 is not the answer. And half part of the figure ex in options:

1. The line is visible so not.

2. So the answer lies in between 3&4.

Draw the mirror image from right to left then we got option 4.

Tanu said: (Jun 16, 2015)  
Here the answer is given on the assumption that paper is transparent but how can we 9 that it is transparent or not. If we assume that it is not transparent answer will be differ.

Digambar Kumar Sahu said: (Sep 8, 2015)  
Do it practically and see it.

Vijay said: (Oct 23, 2015)  
I have done practically it seems to be 3 option.

Mitasha said: (May 16, 2016)  
Hi, I really confused between option 3 and option 4.

Please help me to clear the problem.

Jayant Rajput said: (Jul 1, 2016)  
I have practically is seems to be 4 option.

Trishal said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
The third and fourth options are same.

Mohammed said: (Sep 27, 2016)  
It should be the first option.

Priyanka said: (Dec 9, 2016)  
It could be the first option, but the lines on the shape that is why it is option D.

Lily said: (Dec 10, 2016)  
I don't get how it is D) 4. Please give me an explanation.

Anonimous said: (Dec 10, 2016)  
I think it is 1. I don't get how it is 4. Please explain clearly.

Kittu Khajuria said: (Feb 28, 2017)  
I can't understand this. Please explain the answer.

Max said: (Aug 2, 2017)  
Explain it more.

Serna said: (Sep 1, 2017)  
Can not understand. Please explain in detail.

Farhan said: (Jan 16, 2018)  

step 1. separate draw left half circle and right half of circle and then,
step 2. Draw a mirror image of the right side of the circle then you will observe that half of the top side if asked about transparent then the line would cross. now again you stuck between your mind zigzag, then take one more step

step 3. after drawing, mirror image of right part only combined them then you will observe correct choice is only 4.

Aniket Kokare said: (Jan 23, 2018)  
Observe the x figure properly then imgaine the tranparent fold sheet you will get answer sure.

The sheet is transperant they have alredy told you after folding its another part at folded side looks like same as that you are seeing at your side after folding.

Jaaz said: (Oct 7, 2018)  
Can someone explain it?

Biswajit said: (Dec 9, 2019)  
Answer should be B.

Sapphire said: (Feb 9, 2020)  
This doesn't make sense. Can someone please explain?

Alicia said: (Dec 21, 2020)  

Explain your answer.

Namita said: (Jul 27, 2021)  
Thank you all for explaining it.

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