Non Verbal Reasoning - Cubes and Dice - Discussion


The six faces of a dice have been marked with alphabets A, B, C, D, E and F respectively. This dice is rolled down three times. The three positions are shown as:

Find the alphabet opposite A.

[A]. C
[B]. D
[C]. E
[D]. F

Answer: Option C


From figures (ii) and (iii), we conclude that the alphabets C, D, B and F appear adjacent to the alphabet E. Therefore, the alphabet A appears opposite E. Conversely, E appears opposite A.

Daya said: (Jan 17, 2015)  
From 2 and 3 it is clear that E adjacent face has C, D, B, F. So the only alphabet remaining is A.

Jeet said: (May 24, 2017)  
We also compare to 1 & 2 so answer is C

Sheela Sharma said: (Jan 8, 2020)  
D should be the answer.

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