Non Verbal Reasoning - Cubes and Dice - Discussion


Amongst the following figures, find the correct one, if it is known that the total number of dots on opposite faces of the cube shown is always 7.

[A]. Fig.1
[B]. Fig.2
[C]. Fig.3
[D]. Fig.4

Answer: Option A


Since the total number of dots on opposite faces is always 7, therefore 1 dot must lie opposite 6 dots, 2 dots must lie opposite 5 dots and 3 dots must lie opposite 4 dots. In each of the two figures (2) and (4), 2 dots appear adjacent to 5 dots, and in fig. (3), 3 dots appear adjacent to 4 dots. Hence, these figures are incorrect. Therefore/only fig. (1) is correct.

Rajjev said: (Sep 29, 2016)  
I think one face of dice must be adjacent to 4 others but here 5 adjacent to all. I think this question may be wrong.

Siyad said: (Jun 11, 2017)  

The question is to find a cube from the figures in which 'sum of the direct opposite faces is 7'.

First, find the opposite faces of a cube.

In case of Fig.1 :
Opposite faces are 2 3 6.

Assume that 2 is opposite of 5 dots, then sum is 7.
3 opposite of 4, sum = 7.
and 6 is opposite of 1, sum = 7.

So the answer is option A fig.1.

Hope you will understand.

Ranjan said: (Apr 17, 2020)  
Anyone please give a clear explanation of the answer.

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