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Discussion :: Classification - Section 1 (Q.No.10)

In each problem, out of the five figures marked (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5), four are similar in a certain manner. However, one figure is not like the other four. Choose the figure which is different from the rest.


Choose the figure which is different from the rest.

   (1)     (2)     (3)     (4)     (5)

[A]. 1
[B]. 2
[C]. 3
[D]. 4
[E]. 5

Answer: Option B


Each one of the figures except fig. (2), consists of five arrowheads.

Sachin said: (Feb 23, 2015)  
Except figure (5) none of them contains a remaining at its back.

Hunter said: (May 7, 2015)  
#5 for two reasons:

It is the only one with even distribution of arrowheads.

It is the only one that doesn't begin and end with an arrowhead (see the tail).

Akshaya said: (Oct 18, 2015)  
I think #2 is correct because the other numbers have five arrowheads but number two only has 4 arrowheads. It's the odd one out.

Roshan Roy said: (Mar 9, 2016)  
Each one of the figures except fig(2), consists of five arrowheads.
So the answer is [B]. 2

Shruti Saini said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
It is different from others because it consists of 2 arrows only. SO 2 is the odd one.

Khushal said: (Dec 20, 2016)  
There can be another way of looking it : The last arrow in every figure is attached to the end tip (>->-->-->) where as in case of last figure the last arrow is not attached to the end tip (-->-->-->).

Cherry said: (Jul 13, 2017)  
I think both answers (2) and (5) are correct. (2) because there are four arrowheads instead of five, and (5) because the distribution of the arrowheads is even and there is no backing.

Randy Ranjith said: (Mar 11, 2019)  
Option E, 5 also different.

Lalan said: (Apr 21, 2019)  
Option E is correct here.

Aliya Mansoor said: (Jul 8, 2020)  
I think option E is correct because every fig have gaping between arrows but in fig 5 it's in continue order.

Rohan said: (Nov 5, 2020)  
The answer should be 5.

Sombalaka said: (Dec 5, 2020)  
I also think it is option E. 5.

Ninja said: (Aug 4, 2021)  
Both option 2 and 5 are correct.

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