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In each problem, out of the five figures marked (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5), four are similar in a certain manner. However, one figure is not like the other four. Choose the figure which is different from the rest.


Choose the figure which is different from the rest.

   (1)     (2)     (3)     (4)     (5)
Answer: Option
All other figures are divided into equal parts.
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Jim Isaac said:   5 months ago
Yes, I chose option 4 because it was the only one without an external straight line.

Raman Sah said:   2 years ago
According to my view, the right answer is option A.

Because except fig A. All the given figures are complete figures but A is incomplete.

Janhavi said:   3 years ago
Why 5 is not the answer?

All other figures are divided in an even number of parts and the 5th is divided into an odd number of parts.

Vishnu said:   4 years ago
Yes, I too agree, It's option A.

Ayush said:   4 years ago
According to me, Answer should be "E" because other than that all others are dividing into equal parts.

Saipranav said:   5 years ago
I think 5 is not equally divided so both 1&5are wrong.

Sma said:   5 years ago
The answer is 4. As it looks like it is divided into equal portions.

Ramu said:   5 years ago
The Answer may be 5 because all are divided into four parts in 1 also it is semi-circle divided into two parts if it is circle 4. In 5, it is only 3.

Anoms said:   5 years ago
5 is the correct answer. For isometric projection circle always looks like an ellipse.

Rupesh kumar said:   6 years ago
I think Answer A is correct.

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