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Find the number of triangles in the given figure.

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The figure may be labelled as shown.

The simplest triangles are AFJ, FJK, FKB, BKG, JKG, JGC, HJC, HIJ, DIH, DEI, EIJ and AEJ i.e. 12 in number.

The triangles composed of two components each are JFB, FBG, BJG, JFG, DEJ, EJH, DJH and DEH i.e. 8 in number.

The triangles composed of three components each are AJB, JBC, DJC and ADJ i.e. 4 in number.

The triangles composed of six components each are DAB, ABC, BCD and ADC i.e. 4 in number.

Thus, there are 12 + 8 + 4 + 4 = 28 triangles in the figure.

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Rinki said:   2 weeks ago
As per my knowledge, the right answer is 32.

Anand said:   4 years ago
Good explaination, Thanks all.

Vineeth said:   6 years ago
Can you please explain in detail @Maneesh.

Maneesh said:   6 years ago
13 (1+2+3+4+1+2) X 2 + 2 (when combine triangles).

Ahmad said:   7 years ago
Good explanation.

Ramya M said:   7 years ago
Give me any simple formula to find the solution for this figure question.

Sumit Gurjar said:   8 years ago
Yes. I agree @Bipin.

Radhakrishnan said:   8 years ago
Super. Nice explanation.

Bipin said:   8 years ago
There will be 32 triangles.

MOUNIKA said:   9 years ago
@Raju layak.

Don't depend on the formula.

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