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Find the minimum number of straight lines required to make the given figure.

Answer: Option

The figure may be labelled as shown.

The horizontal lines are DE, FH, IL and BC i.e. 4 in number.

The slanting lines are AC, DO, FN, IM, AB, EM and HN i.e. 7 in number.

Thus, there are 4 + 7 = 11 straight lines in the figure.

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Surya prakash said:   4 years ago
Triangle is 16.

Umar said:   5 years ago
But the real triangle exist is 15.

Bidur said:   7 years ago
Anyone can say, how many numbers of a triangle are there?

Chand said:   1 decade ago

Straight line is a line, which doesn't have any bends. So the explanation is correct. Answer is 11.

Guddi said:   1 decade ago
They have ask for straight linesw and not slanting please give a clear explanation.

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