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Each of the following questions consists of two sets of figures. Figures A, B, C and D constitute the Problem Set while figures 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 constitute the Answer Set. There is a definite relationship between figures A and B. Establish a similar relationship between figures C and D by selecting a suitable figure from the Answer Set that would replace the question mark (?) in fig. (D).


Select a suitable figure from the Answer Figures that would replace the question mark (?).

Problem Figures:                            Answer Figures:
    (A)     (B)      (C)     (D)                  (1)      (2)      (3)      (4)      (5)
Answer: Option
The symbols move in the sequence . Also, the arrow rotates 135oACW; the trapezium gets vertically inverted and the pin-shaped symbol rotates 90oCW.
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MANASA CHINTAKINDI said:   1 year ago
Please explain the right answer.

Sipra said:   3 years ago
I didn't get the answer.

Explain please.

Gurungdamberv said:   6 years ago
I am not getting the answer please explain in detail.

Jackiv said:   6 years ago
I am not understanding it. Please explain in detail.

Pri said:   6 years ago
No, the symbols do not move in 135 degrees in option A. Please explain in detail.

NUPUR said:   1 decade ago
I don't get it. If arrow is moving 135 ACW then why isn't trapezium moved like that. And what's with this arrow. Its not following the same pattern as A & B.

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