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Discussion :: Analogy - Section 1 (Q.No.9)

Each of the following questions consists of two sets of figures. Figures A, B, C and D constitute the Problem Set while figures 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 constitute the Answer Set. There is a definite relationship between figures A and B. Establish a similar relationship between figures C and D by selecting a suitable figure from the Answer Set that would replace the question mark (?) in fig. (D).


Select a suitable figure from the Answer Figures that would replace the question mark (?).

Problem Figures:                            Answer Figures:
    (A)     (B)      (C)     (D)                  (1)      (2)      (3)      (4)      (5)

[A]. 1
[B]. 2
[C]. 3
[D]. 4
[E]. 5

Answer: Option E


The figure rotates through 90oACW and the arrowhead shifts closer to the black circle.

Kanupriya said: (Jun 17, 2011)  
Can I get more explanation. Could not make out the answer yet. Please.

Suraj Giri said: (Aug 27, 2011)  
Options E is wrong the black dot has to be replaced by the white dot and vice versa.

Meenal said: (Nov 1, 2011)  
No its correct.

Shivakumara C P said: (Jan 22, 2012)  
What is ACW?

Suresh said: (Jan 22, 2012)  
ACW means Anti-Clockwise.

Ramalakshmi said: (Apr 30, 2013)  
Why not Option C ?

Ganesh said: (Jul 2, 2013)  
Its not Option C as the arrow is Option E is closer to black dot than in Option E :)..Hence Option E is the answer.

Jady said: (Jul 13, 2015)  
To me option C is correct. The arrow is further away from the black dot, not closer. Can someone explain it to me?

Ishu said: (Sep 26, 2015)  
I am not understand can I get more explanation? Could not make out the answer yet? Please.

Sanjeevi Varadharajan said: (May 21, 2016)  
E is correct, because the same thing , Black dot(fig-A) moves upward to 45 deg in right hand direction and also the White dot moves 45 deg in right direction.

S Sapna said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
I think the Option 4 is correct.

Saleem said: (Aug 12, 2016)  
Option E is correct.

But the color of dots is wrong. The black colored dot needs to be white and the white color needs to be black.

Aasritha said: (Aug 14, 2020)  
Can I get more explanation for this answer?

Deepak said: (Dec 13, 2020)  
In C this arrow rotates in clockwise then how figure E is correct? Please explain.

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