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Directions to Solve

Each of the following questions consists of two sets of figures. Figures A, B, C and D constitute the Problem Set while figures 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 constitute the Answer Set. There is a definite relationship between figures A and B. Establish a similar relationship between figures C and D by selecting a suitable figure from the Answer Set that would replace the question mark (?) in fig. (D).


Select a suitable figure from the Answer Figures that would replace the question mark (?).

Problem Figures:                            Answer Figures:
    (A)     (B)      (C)     (D)                  (1)      (2)      (3)      (4)      (5)
Answer: Option
The inner element enlarges to become the outer element while the outer element reduces in size, turns black and becomes the inner element.
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Bhavna said:   5 years ago
The answer is C.

Rohit said:   6 years ago
According to me, C is correct answer.

Rohit said:   8 years ago
But then why triangle is inverted? The Answer could have been C as well! Moreover how is anyone supposed to understand that square has been inverted?

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