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What command is used to create a backup configuration?
copy running backup
copy running-config startup-config
config mem
wr mem
Answer: Option
The command to back up the configuration on a router is copy running-config startup-config.
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Alica said:   2 years ago
The command copy running-config tftp will not work because you don't have written permission on the TFTP server. The version of 'copy' that comes with IOS uses a proprietary transport layer to get data onto a server. That transport is called TFTP. TFTP is not a reliable nor persistent transport and doesn't require user account credentials.

It seems the OP has the right idea but the wrong command which is the copy tftp running-config command. This command will copy all files in flash to the TFTP server and delete files that are not present on both devices.

Sameer said:   2 years ago
Copy running-config startup-config command used only save the changes into switch/router NVRAM

while copy running-config TFTP command is used to create and save this backfile in TFTP server.

Laxmi buausaheb nhavi said:   3 years ago
Back up is nothing but restoring the data.

Anki said:   7 years ago
copy running -config tftp.

Priyanka shingote said:   8 years ago
Necessary to create a backup is sometimes our important data may be a loss so with help of config we can configure the back which is running on and with help of this command we can restore it!

Bala said:   8 years ago
Back up is nothing but restore the data or not.

Sudheer said:   8 years ago
Why this is necessary to create a backup.

Rajat said:   9 years ago
In some devices "write memory" command does the same.

Sirajdeen said:   9 years ago
Then how the command creates the backup? Please explain.

Azran said:   10 years ago
So why the command 'copy running-config tftp' is used for creating back up is my question. Is there any difference b/w this command and the answer shown ? please make it clear.

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