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Where is a hub specified in the OSI model?

[A]. Session layer
[B]. Physical layer
[C]. Data Link layer
[D]. Application layer

Answer: Option B


Hubs regenerate electrical signals, which are specified at the Physical layer.

Naresh Jangra said: (Nov 26, 2012)  
Physical layer because it is the layer by which physically two devices are connected with a wire.

Divyanak Pandey said: (Jul 6, 2013)  
Physical layer, because hub is not an intelligence device, it is use in connect some devices in physical layer. It is use for broadcasting in lan.

Suraj Pawar said: (Aug 31, 2013)  
Physical layer because it is the layer which two devices connected with a cable.

Korahson said: (Mar 14, 2014)  
Physical layer because in Hub only broadcast of package is possible.

Rajat said: (Sep 6, 2014)  
Hub simply replicates the incoming network data to all outgoing ports. It has no intelligence like switch (layer 2 and layer 3) to filter out traffic using mac address (layer 2 switch) or by ip address (layer 3 switch i.e. router).

Nizamuddin said: (Dec 8, 2014)  
What is a IP address?

Amit Gupta said: (Dec 19, 2014)  
An IP address is a logical address and it is a 32 bit address. IP address specify a user on the network, and it is a temporary address.

Yoga said: (Dec 31, 2014)  
Why the port is used?

Abdul Basit said: (Jan 18, 2015)  
@Mr. Yoga:

Ports are used in transport layer (TCP, UDP, SCTP). Since transport layer is responsible for end to end communication, it must identify the application (or process) who initiated the request.

Yogi said: (Feb 20, 2016)  
For hub is there no intelligence to it. Tell me please.

Yusuf Mai said: (Aug 13, 2017)  
It is used in transport layer.

B Rami Reddy said: (Dec 2, 2017)  
Physical Layer---------> HR (Hub and Repeater).
Data link Layer---------> SB (Switches and Bridges)
Network Layer-----------> Routers.

James Wilson said: (Aug 29, 2018)  
How to identify if a Hub is Active or Passive?

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