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Which command will copy the IOS to a backup host on your network?

A. transfer IOS to
B. copy run start
C. copy start tftp
D. copy flash tftp

Answer: Option D


To copy the IOS to a backup host, which is stored in flash memory by default, use the copy flash tftp command.


Which command loads a new version of the Cisco IOS into a router?

A. copy flash ftp
B. copy ftp flash
C. copy flash tftp
D. copy tftp flash

Answer: Option D


The command copy tftp flash will allow you to copy a new IOS into flash memory on your router.


You are troubleshooting a connectivity problem in your corporate network and want to isolate the problem. You suspect that a router on the route to an unreachable network is at fault. What IOS user exec command should you issue?

A. Router> ping
B. Router> trace
C. Router> show ip route
D. Router> show interface

Answer: Option B


The command traceroute (trace for short), which can be issued from user mode or privileged mode, is used to find the path a packet takes through an internetwork and will also show you where the packet stops because of an error on a router.


The configuration register setting of 0x2102 provides what function to a router?

A. Tells the router to boot into ROM monitor mode
B. Provides password recovery
C. Tells the router to look in NVRAM for the boot sequence
D. Boots the IOS from a TFTP server

Answer: Option C


The default configuration setting of 0x2102 tells the router to look in NVRAM for the boot sequence.


You telnet to a router and make your necessary changes; now you want to end the Telnet session. What command do you type in?

A. close
B. disable
C. disconnect
D. exit

Answer: Option D


Since the question never mentioned anything about a suspended session, you can assume that the Telnet session is still open, and you would just type exit to close the session.