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To enable OSPFv3, which of the following would you use?
Router1(config-if)# ipv6 ospf 10 area
Router1(config-if)# ipv6 router rip 1
Router1(config)# ipv6 router eigrp 10
Router1(config-rtr)# no shutdown
Router1(config-if)# ipv6 eigrp 10
Answer: Option
To enable OSPFv3, you enable the protocol as with RIPng. The command string is ipv6 ospf <process-id> area <area-id>.
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Anwar said:   1 decade ago
What is the OSPF. Please define it ?

Vasu malladi said:   9 years ago
I think A is wrong. It is Router1(config-if)# ipv6 ospf 10 area 0.

Sai krishna kesav said:   4 years ago
Open Shortest Path First.

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