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Your company is running IGRP using an AS of 10. You want to configure EIGRP on the network but want to migrate slowly to EIGRP and don't want to configure redistribution. What command would allow you to migrate over time to EIGRP without configuring redistribution?

[A]. router eigrp 11
[B]. router eigrp 10
[C]. router eigrp 10 redistribute igrp
[D]. router igrp combine eigrp 10

Answer: Option B


If you enable EIGRP on a router with the same autonomous system (AS) number, EIGRP will automatically redistribute IGRP into EIGRP. You will see the IGRP injected routes as external (EX) routes with an EIGRP AD of 170. This is a nice feature that lets you migrate slowly to EIGRP with no extra configuration.

Tvisha said: (May 31, 2018)  
Is it same for OSPF?

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