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The viruses in an attenuated vaccine

[A]. have no genome
[B]. continue to replicate
[C]. are usually larger than bacteria
[D]. is altered with chemicals

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Reason Chuma said: (May 17, 2020)  
When something is attenuated, it means it has been weakened so this case the viruses may have no genome or will be altered by chemicals.

Lavina said: (May 10, 2021)  
I think option D is correct because actually we weekend or attenuate them via chemicals. And while doing this why we will let their genome enter our body. So it's option D.

Anne Kavenge said: (May 17, 2021)  
The answer is A. They will continue to replicate and produce immunity, but usually does not cause illness.

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