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A major difference between EHEC and EPEC is
EHEC secretes a Shiga-like toxin and EPEC does not
EHEC possesses a type III secretion system and EPEC does not
EPEC rearranges host cell actin and EHEC does not
EPEC passes through the placenta to infect the fetus and EHEC does not
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Safiya A said:   9 years ago
EPCE (Enteropathogenic E. Coli) - E. Coli producing bundle forming pili and an adhesin called intimin. Attachment to enterocytes in small intestines damages the microvilli (attaching-effacing). Affects mainly infants in developing counties, causes a Profuse wharety diarrhea for 1-3 weeks.

EHEC (Enterohemorrhagic E. Coli) -the dominant serotype is O157:H7, but tr are many other serotypes, cattle are the main reservoir. Attaches. Effects (like EPEC except in the large intestine) and secretes a shiga-like toxin (a cytotoxin also called verotoxin).

The verotoxin nicks the intestinal cell 60S ribosome, shutting down protein synthesis, distorting the colonic mucosa, and causing bleeding into the intestine. Pus is normally not present.

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