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Which of the following is not true for eukaryotic cells?

[A]. Nucleus is bounded by nuclear membrane
[B]. Chromosomes contain histones
[C]. Chloroplasts and mitochondria contains 70S ribosomes
[D]. Gas vacuoles are present

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Vikas Sharma said: (Nov 23, 2014)  
Eukaryotic bacteria contents 80's Ribosomes which are usually bounds to membranes if endiplasmic reticulum not the mitochondria.

Sigrid said: (Jan 29, 2015)  
Mitochondria have their own Ribosomes, which are 70S Ribosomes.

Uche said: (Sep 30, 2015)  
So what's the answer? I feel its C.

Chaitali Sorate said: (Mar 30, 2016)  
Eukaryotic cells contain 80S ribosomes, thats why the answer is C.

Shrikant Y said: (May 2, 2016)  
Eukaryotes ribosomes synthesized from the nucleus are 80s type but Mitochondria have their own Ribosomes, which are 70S Ribosomes.

So the answer is 'D' only.

Kothai said: (Jan 10, 2017)  
Gas vacuoles are present in plant cells which are eukaryotes.

Weldesenbet Tewabe said: (Apr 30, 2017)  
By the way, what do we mean when we say 80'S & 70'S?

Benson Omondi said: (Mar 28, 2018)  
What is the meaning of 80's and 70's here?

Yalavarthi Nagaraju said: (Apr 11, 2018)  
No, answer is correct, all are true regarding eukaryotes.

Eukaryotes don't have a cell wall in case of animals.

Khan said: (Aug 17, 2019)  
Gas vacuoles ar present in some bacteria. It Helps in floating.

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