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Which of the following is not the characteristic of a growth curve?
Shows development of microbial population under relatively stable environmental conditions
Plotted with logarithmic numbers
Graphs numbers of microbes versus time
Each growth curve consists of four distinct phases
Answer: Option
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Asemota Paul said:   9 years ago
Every normal curve should have 4 distinct phases. From my own opinion I think option D shouldn't be the answer since its a characteristic of a growth curve.

I feel the environment mustn't be stable. What about option A?

Isiaq said:   7 years ago
The option D is correct because the growth curve contains 5 phases; -lag, -log (expl), -stationary, -death and -prolonged decline phase. It is plotted with log (number) vs time.

Jeame drakes said:   8 years ago
The option B is correct because from what I know the logarithm number does not indicated on the growth curve, but the growth curve is related to logarithmic curve as it grow.

Anomiii said:   6 years ago
C is the correct answer. All other options are true for growth curve. It is ploted with log Vs times and not with graph number Vs time. Thanks.

Alaa said:   7 years ago
I think the answer is B. Because growth curve with the solid line but growth curve for the expontential phase is plotted logarithmically.

Priya patel said:   8 years ago
I think the answer is A. Because D can't be the answer as a curve as 4 phase lag log stationary and death.

So I think the answer is A.

Annang said:   1 decade ago
But each curve is made up of the lag phase, exponential phase(log) stationary phase and death phase(4 phases).

Sarah Aboagye said:   1 decade ago
I know each curve has the lag phase, exponential phase, stationary phase, and decline phase(4 phases)

Bhairab Mahato said:   4 years ago
Some endospore-forming bacteria have a survival phase. It is the 5th phase of the growth curve.

L kira said:   9 years ago
Curve has 4 phases. That's correct answer is B.

Growth will occur in stable environment.

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