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Which of the following statements on replication in E.coli is correct?
It occurs in a unidirectional manner
It occurs in bidirectional manner
Always uses T7 DNA polymerase when infected by T7 phage
Occurs only when λ phase has infected E. coli
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Nandana said:   12 months ago
It is because the DNA is antiparallel. It can be synthesised both in 3'-5' direction and the 5'-3' direction by the DNA polymerase enzyme.

BAPPA said:   6 years ago
E.Coli DNA replication is Bidirectional because E.Coli DNA is circular.

Saptarsi said:   1 decade ago
DNA replication occurs bidirectionally. One strand is synthesized in 5'-3' direction. And another in 3'-5' direction.

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