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The cell walls of many gram positive bacteria can be easily destroyed by the enzyme known as
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Malik said:   1 decade ago
Why not lipase?

Zlatan said:   1 decade ago
Peptidoglycan (murein mucopeptide) consists of murein, which is broken down by lysozyme.

Divine said:   6 years ago
And since Peptidoglycan is about 50% or more of the cell wall of gram +ve bacteria, it can be easily destroyed by lysozyme.

Srikanth said:   4 years ago
Lipase - phospholipids.
Lysozyme - murein.
Pectinase - pectin of the plant cell wall.
Peroxidase - h2o2.

Samarfeen said:   3 years ago
Explain in detail.

Chrissie said:   2 years ago
I also think B is the answer because it breaks the interlocking sugars (NAG-NAG-NAG) that form part of the components of the cell wall.

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