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Which of the following is true about cell wall of gram-positive bacteria?
It consists of multiple layers
It is thicker than that associated with gram-negative bacteria
It contains teichoic acids
All of these
Answer: Option
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Piyush said:   6 years ago
No, option D is correct because teichoic acids are not present in gram-positive bacteria.

Ankita mishra said:   7 years ago
In these options, option A should not be there if 'd' is the correct answer.

Because gram + bacteria is single but thick-walled, whereas gram - bacteria has 3 layered cell wall.

Other options are correct.

Mabel said:   7 years ago
I really don't understand, please I need more explanations about this.

Shaza Hassan said:   8 years ago
Why isn't the answer B?

MCOBADO JNR said:   9 years ago
Only peptidoglycan is thicker in gram positive bacteria, gram negative contains lipopolysaccharides, phospholipids, thin layer of peptidoglycan even though all these lack in gram positive. Gram negative has more components and is thus thicker.

Debarun Mitra said:   9 years ago
Why the answer is option 'D'?

In gram positive bacteria only peptidoglycan exits where teichoic acid is present and the peptidoglycan layer is more thicker than gram negative bacterial call wall.

Ahlam said:   1 decade ago
Why all of these the gram positive not have multiple layers?

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