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Which antibiotic has a beta-lactam ring?
Answer: Option
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Barasa said:   7 years ago
This question is controversial, both penicillin (s) and cephalosporin (s) have a beta-lactam ring structure, which is why they are classified together structurally as beta-lactam antibiotics and functionally as cell wall synthesis inhibitors. Arun says it's about a specific antibiotic, initially, I thought so too but then the noun penicillin refers to both the group name and could also refer to a specific drug.

LAFI said:   7 years ago
Cephalosporin and penicillin both of them have beta-lactam ring.

The answer is A & B.

Arun said:   9 years ago
Cephalosporin is a group of antibiotics and its broad classification. Question is specific asking one antibiotic which possess beta lactam ring.

Logodzo said:   10 years ago
Both cephalosporins and penicillins have beta-lactam rings. The correct answer to that questions is options A and B. Why select B as the only answer?

Wattad said:   1 decade ago
Cephalosporins shouldn't be an option because they also possess a beta-lactam ring as they belong to the Beta-Lactams family of antibiotics.

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