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Starch is an energy storage material characteristic of

[A]. chlorophyta
[B]. chrysophyta
[C]. phaeophyta
[D]. rhodophyta

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Priyanka said: (Jun 21, 2016)  
Anwer should be chlorophyta because rhodophyceae contain floridian starch.

Anu said: (Oct 17, 2017)  
Answer should be Chlorophyta. Because red algae contain Floridian starch.

Juliet Ellis said: (Jun 19, 2018)  
I too believe that the answer should be chlorophyta because it stores carbohydrates as starch. Whereas Rhodophyta stores floridean.

Subrata said: (Aug 2, 2018)  
I also believe that answer should be chlorophyta because it stores only starch, and in case of Rhodophyta, it stores floridean starch.

Manikanda Prabhu said: (Aug 26, 2018)  
Answer should be chlorophyta. Because red algae contain floridean starch.

Naz said: (May 10, 2019)  
I agree with all, that Chlorophyta is the correct answer.

Farhan Yousaf Shalmani said: (Jul 30, 2019)  
Chlorophyta is the correct answer.

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