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In submerged arc welding, an arc is produced between a

[A]. carbon electrode and the work
[B]. metal electrode and the work
[C]. bare metal electrode and the work
[D]. two tungsten electrodes and the work

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Naidu said: (May 22, 2014)  
Other names given to submerged arc welding process.

Hidden - arc welding.
Submerged melt welding.

Sub arc welding and flux covered arc welding.

Tapas said: (Aug 3, 2017)  
Submerged arc welding is characterized by?

Please explain.

Mannjunatha K said: (Aug 27, 2017)  
Similar to MIG welding, SAW involves the formation of an arc between a continuously-fed bare wire electrode and the workpiece. The process uses a flux to generate protective gases and slag, and to add alloying elements to the weld pool. A shielding gas is not required.

Okhumaya Jonathan said: (Apr 13, 2018)  
Please can you explain what bare metal electrode and the work is?

Mayur said: (Nov 27, 2019)  
This type of welding process is used where high chances of corrosion is there, like welding on ship, in chemical factories etc.

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