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For the same compression ratio, the efficiency of dual combustion cycle is
greater than Diesel cycle and less than Otto cycle
less than Diesel cycle and greater than Otto cycle
greater than Diesel cycle
less than Diesel cycle
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Vinay BEL said:   3 years ago
Agree, given answer is right.

Bhanu said:   5 years ago
Otto cycle is the standard of other cycles.

Jayanta Sinha said:   5 years ago
The efficiency of the Otto cycle is greater than the efficiency of the Diesel cycle for a given compression ratio and heat rejection.

Virendra said:   6 years ago
Otto cycle > duel dycle > diesel cycle.

Muhammad rafique said:   6 years ago
I think mechanical efficiency @Biren.

Suhas said:   6 years ago
For same compression ratio, In case of diesel cycle heat rejection will be more compared to Otto cycle. (area under T-S dia, slope for constant volume is more than that of constant pressure) And since heat is rejected under conatant volume and added under constant pressure in case of diesel cycle, thermal efficiency of diesel cycle is less than that of Otto.

Biren said:   6 years ago
But which efficiency mechanical or thermal?

Shekhar Ghotekar said:   7 years ago
For the same compression ratio, the area under PV diagram is maximum for otto cycle. So the efficiency is the maximum for otto cycle followed by dual and diesel cycle.

Sheik said:   7 years ago
Carnot cycle is more efficient than other cycle.

Masenu said:   7 years ago
Otto cycle more efficient then other cycles.

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