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The change of entropy, when heat is removed from the gas, is negative.
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Sagar singh said:   7 months ago
Entropy is always increasing when the process is irreversible.

In some cases, if heat emitting is more than heat absorbing then the entropy is negative.

M S NAYAK said:   6 years ago
Entropy is never negative for irreversible process even heat is removed so,

Correct answer is B.

Aniket pisal said:   6 years ago
Entropy =change in heat /temperature.

Δs=delta Q/T.
As heat is removed from gas change in heat is negative hence,
Δs= -deltaQ/T.
Hence deltaQ/T= -Δs.
ie. Entropy is negative.

Nagendra singh said:   7 years ago
Entropy of system will decrease by removal of heat & increase by adding of heat. But entropy of universe is always increased.

Harsh said:   7 years ago
For reversible process entropy is + ve, - ve, and 0.

For irreversible process always +ve.

Shekhar Ghotekar said:   7 years ago
For a process, entropy can have positive, negative or zero value?

Diwakar Chaurasia said:   8 years ago
Yes @Ototo erick you are right.

The change in entropy can be negative it is possible somehow but the entropy can't be negative anyhow.

Ototo Erick said:   8 years ago
Change in entropy must be negative if temperature is remove and vice versa.

Krishna said:   8 years ago
Change in entropy can be negative but entropy can't be.

Shahil said:   9 years ago
By Ts diagram of a reversible process s2-s1 is negative.

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