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A process, in which the temperature of the working substance remains constant during its expansion or compression, is called
isothermal process
hyperbolic process
adiabatic process
polytropic process
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Raj said:   5 years ago
pv=c is isothermal process.

Sunilkushwah said:   1 decade ago
Iso- some (constant) where the temperature is constant the process is known as isothermal process.

Praveen reddy said:   9 years ago
Temperature constant means that is isothermal process.

Yogesh said:   8 years ago
PV = Constant : Isothermal. But it is also called as hyperbolic.

Uma kant singh said:   7 years ago
Agree with you @Praveen Reddy.

Srikanth Reddy Rapolu said:   7 years ago
But isothermal can also be known as hyperbolic right? Clarify, please.

Intzar ali said:   6 years ago
Hyperbolic Process- It is the process where the gas is heated or expanded in such a way that the product of its pressure and volume remains constant.

Annapurna said:   4 years ago
In isothermal process as temperature constant.

Saroj kumar sah said:   3 years ago
Diff Of isothermal and hyperbolic process.

Isothermal working on medium gas and hyperbolic working on medium on vapour.

Prashanth said:   1 year ago
Hyperbolic process: the gas is heated or expanded in such a way that the product of pressure & volume remains constant is called the hyperbolic process.

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