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Which of the following gas has a minimum molecular mass?
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Tanmoybaidya said:   6 months ago
Please give the clear statement for the answer.

Kajal Patil said:   3 years ago
Molecular mass is given by
=Atomic mass* no. of molecular.
H2 => 1*2 = 2.
CH4 => (12*1) + (1*4) = 16.
N2 => 14*2 = 28.
O2 => 16*2 = 32.

Annapurna balepalli said:   3 years ago
Molecular mass is directly proportional to the atomic number.

Anusha said:   5 years ago
Molecular formula of hydrogen is H2 so molecular weight is 2 and molecular weight of nitrogen is 28 and molecular weight of oxygen is 32 and molecular weight of methane is 16 so here minimum valu 2 so hydrogen is correct.

Parvatharaj said:   8 years ago
In periodic table atomic no. of hydrogen is 1. So that principle the molecular mass is very less.

Alla Mahammad said:   10 years ago
Molecular formula for H2 is 2. For nitrogen 28, for oxygen 32 and for CH4 16.

Satish said:   10 years ago
Molecular formula of Hydrogen is H2, So the molecular weight = 2*1=2, Hence
This is the minimum weight when compare with rest of the opt.

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