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Boyle's law states that change of internal energy of a perfect gas is directly proportional to the change of temperature.

[A]. Agree
[B]. Disagree

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Jaydip said: (Oct 4, 2013)  
In boyle's law temperature remains constant.

Pramod said: (Jun 23, 2015)  
It is Joule's Law.

Sachin Prajapati said: (Jun 26, 2016)  
Joule's law - du proportional to dt.

Ram said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
Option A is correct.

Umesh Barot said: (Dec 6, 2016)  
Option B is correct. It is Joule law.

Kishan Daslaniya said: (Jun 23, 2017)  
Because of according Boyle's law Temperature constant.

PV=constant temperature remain constant.

Deepak said: (Oct 14, 2017)  
Internal energy of a system only depend on temperature of system, both proportional to each other.

Ajay Kumar said: (Nov 23, 2019)  
B is correct because,
It is joule's law.
In Boyle's law temperature is constant.

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