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Select the correct statement as per Charles' law
p.v = constant, if T is kept constant
v/T = constant, if p is kept constant
p/T = constant, if v is kept constant
T/p = constant, if v is kept constant
Answer: Option
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Madhusudhana S said:   6 years ago
Option A is correct according to boys law. But they asked chars law.

Satish said:   6 years ago
In Charles law p is constant.

R. JAWAHAR PANDIAN said:   6 years ago
Option A is incorrect.

In Boyles law,

pv = const.

Option B is correct,

Because, in Charles law,

v/t = const.

Sumit said:   6 years ago
I think Option A is also correct.

Gaurav Maini said:   10 years ago
Because in charles law pressure is constant.


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