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The ratio of the actual damping coefficient to the critical damping coefficient is called damping factor.
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Paras manvar said:   2 years ago
The damping factor and damping ratio both are same. Right?

Ankit kumar Singh said:   3 years ago
Damping ratio ζ = C/Cc.

Zahira said:   5 years ago
What is damping?

Sagar prabhu said:   6 years ago
Damping mean balancing zero degree.

Ramu said:   7 years ago
The gradual reduction of excessive oscillation or vibration and therefore of instability in a mechanical or electrical device, by a substance (eg. Any viscous fluid) is called damping.

Pradeep said:   7 years ago
What is damping?

Sufiyan said:   7 years ago
Damping ratio (z) = C/Co; where C = actual damping.

Co = Critical damping.

Ashok kumar Chauhan said:   8 years ago
Both are same.

Umesh Kumar said:   8 years ago
Damping factor is equal to ratio of actual damping coefficient to critical damping coefficient.

PRABU K said:   8 years ago
Damping factor is ratio between actual damping coefficient and critical damping coefficient.

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