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For high speed engines, the cam follower should move with
uniform velocity
simple harmonic motion
uniform acceleration and retardation
cycloidal motion
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Bhargav said:   4 years ago
Low and moderate speed Follows SHM.

Amit raja said:   4 years ago

I will explain where all these motions are used:

1) SHM:- In these motion, there is an infinite jerk, vibration and noise so it would be suited for low and moderate speed.

2) Constant acceleration and deceleration (parabolic) :-There are abrupt changes in the acceleration at beginning, midway and the end of the follower motion. At midway, an infinite jerk is produced. So best suited up to moderate speed.

3) Constant velocity:-Due to the infinite inertia forces, it is not suited from the practical point of view.

4) Cycloidal:- There are no abrupt changes in the velocity and the acceleration at any stage of the motion, so it is an ideal programme for high-speed follower motion.

Prakash said:   6 years ago
The graph represents of SHM that of uniformity rather than other types of profile.

Deepak said:   6 years ago
From the diagram of acceleration and angular displacement of cam, acceleration becomes zero when there is maximum velocity which smoothens motion in the high-velocity rise.

Manoj said:   6 years ago
Because cycloidal motion has uniform rise and return.

Tale said:   6 years ago
Thank you all for the explanation.

Sunny said:   7 years ago
Thanks to all for the explanation.

Srikanth Burra said:   7 years ago
The cycloidal cam profile is best suited for high-speed applications because the successive derivatives of the function, ie. velocity, acceleration, and jerk are continuous functions rather than step functions, throughout the motion. Due to this continuity the bearings of the cam and follower are least prone to cyclic stresses, This improves the service life and no noise is present.

Sajan kulkarni said:   7 years ago
Why is cycloidal follower best suited in high-speed applications?

Dev said:   9 years ago
Constant velocity is not practically applicable. SHM and constant acceleration can be used for low or moderate speeds; but there will be jerks.

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