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Euler's formula holds good only for
short columns
long columns
both short and long columns
weak columns
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Paatel said:   3 years ago
Euler's formula gives the relation between bending and crushing when short columns the bending stress is low as compared to crushing stress. In the long column, the bending and crushing are relatively equal to each other.

Rajkotha said:   4 years ago
Euler's for long columns.

Rankines for both short and long columns.

TegiRe said:   5 years ago
In order to make the calculation of stresses due to torsion easy, why do we have to make the assumption that plane sections plane? Please clear me.

Soumali said:   5 years ago
Why Euler's formula is not applicable for short column? Please tell me.

Madhuri said:   5 years ago
According to Euler's theory on which factor strength of column Is depend?

Srikanth said:   6 years ago
What is buckling factor?

NARAYANA H said:   6 years ago
Slenderness ratio is the ratio of effective length to least radius of gyration.
Least radius of gyration is from,
I = Ak^2.

Where, I is least moment of inertia I.e., minimum of Ixx or Iyy.

Pankaj kaundal said:   6 years ago
For long column, the value of buckling load is Crushing load.

Sozharajan said:   6 years ago
Length of the column is greater than 30 times its diameter is called long column, its fail only due to buckling but not crushing. Euler's formula only applicable for bukling si lit applicable for long column, if the length of column less than, 8times of its diameter is called short column, it will be subjected to crushing and buckling. Rankine formula suitable for this.

Vicky said:   6 years ago
It is called a section modulus.

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