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In the torsion equation the term J/R is called
shear modulus
section modulus
polar modulus
none of these
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YASEEN said:   3 years ago
J is polar moment of inertia wher its measured in mtr^4.

AJITHKUMAR said:   4 years ago
It's not J/R.

It is tou/R.

Satish Horil said:   5 years ago
@Vinod Uv.

Torsional rigidity is the amount of resistance a cross-section has against torsional deformation, it is termed as GIp.

Ambikesh said:   6 years ago
J/r is polar section modulus.

J is polar modulus,
I is a moment of inertia,
Z is section modulus.

Lalit choudhary said:   6 years ago
J is the Polar moment of inertia, hence J/R is the Polar modulus.

Ranjith babu said:   7 years ago
Only j is the polar moment of innertia.

Vinod uv said:   7 years ago
Torsional rigidity means what?

Navik singh said:   8 years ago
j = Polar moment of inertia.
r = Radius.

Manish said:   9 years ago
Polar modulus and torsional section modulus are both same. Polar modulus should not be confused with polar moment of inertia.

Sai krish said:   1 decade ago
Since j is polar moment of inertia (pi/32)*d^4 so in that clue we can conclude the solution.

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