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When a rectangular beam is loaded transversely, the maximum compressive stress is developed on the
top layer
bottom layer
neutral axis
every cross-section
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Nagato said:   3 years ago
You're right. @Subhendu.

When a body is compressed under the action of a force, the restoring force per unit area is known as the compression stress.

So, the Compressive stress is maxed at the bottom layer of the compression zone in a beam i.e. compression is min where compression stress in max.

Similarly, the Tensile stress is max at the top layer of tension zone i.e tension is a min at the top layer in tension zone due to max tensile stress.

MUHAMMAD NABI said:   2 years ago

When load is applied on a beam.

Upper zone = compressive zone.
Lower zone = tensile zone.


Stress = resisting force per unit area.

So reverse the above phenomena.

Upper zone = tensile stresses.
Lower zone = compressive stresses.

So the given answer is correct.

Aleem Nasar said:   2 years ago
The given answer is right. Because compressive stress (not load or force) will produce in the bottom layer to resist the action of tensile forces or load develop in the bottom layer.

Saurabh Mangal said:   8 months ago
You are correct, Agree with you @Nikhil.

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