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In a simple bending of beams, the stress in the beam varies
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Ankit said:   3 years ago
Can you explain *bending stress* what varies in simple bending theory?

Pradeep gk said:   7 years ago
While drawing a SFD stress changes linearly.

For BMD parbolically.

Vikas said:   7 years ago
σ = My/ I,

So σ is directly proportional to y so there is a linear relationship.

Raja said:   7 years ago
I'm not understanding, so please anyone explain in detail.

Anil kapkoti said:   7 years ago
For Bending Stress it varies linearly but the same will vary parabolically for bending moment.

D' Nainesh said:   10 years ago
Beam subjected to simple bending has linear variation of bending stress across any section from maximum compressive stress at innermost fiber to maximum tensile stress at outermost fiber.

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