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A steel bar of 5 mm is heated from 15° C to 40° C and it is free to expand. The bar Will induce
no stress
shear stress
tensile stress
compressive stress
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Anil R Katte said:   4 months ago
For the free expansion of the bar, no stress is induced because there is no resistance to the free expansion.

It is free to expand, and we need the thermal coefficient of expansion, which is also not given in this problem.

Ganesh said:   1 year ago
When the steel is heated up to elevated temperatures increases in Ductility and Malleability properties.

So, here steel is heated up to 15 to 40-degree centigrade then Ductility is increased so the steel is no stress.

Ch. Sai Charan said:   2 years ago
If we increase temperature there will be deformation and if we constrain deformation there will be stress.

As here no constraint is available so no stress.

Shree said:   3 years ago
See know the induce meaning its give rise to. We are not applying any force, so there will be no such stress applied.

Ashwini said:   3 years ago
If Material is free for expand then no stress is produced.

Rakesh kumar said:   3 years ago
Bar is expend freely there is no resisting force so there is no stress.

BHAVENDRA said:   3 years ago
Stress is defined as internal resistance offer, since bar is allow to expand freely so there won't be any stress but if there is restriction to expansion then there will be thermal stress.

Chandan Pandey said:   3 years ago
I believe it will be a Thermal stress.

Sharvari Jagtap said:   4 years ago
No stress will be there because stress is the internal resistance per cross-sectional area. There is no such resistance to expansion. Also, no thermal stress will be there since there is free expansion and thermal stress is produced when there is resistance to expansion.

Sumit angad said:   4 years ago
Stress is not depend upon the temperature.

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