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The length of a conical bar is l, diameter of base is d and weight per unit volume is w. It is fixea at its upper end and hanging freely. The elongation of the bar under the action of its own weight will be
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Sambhu jana said:   7 years ago
According to me, it is wl^2/2E.

Divyansh said:   6 years ago
No, wl 2/6E is correct.

Raju said:   6 years ago
The elongation of conicar bar under its own wt = 1/3 * elongation of the prismatic bar under its own wt ( i.e sp.wt *L^2/2E) where sp.wt = Density * g.

Avinash said:   5 years ago
For circular bar it is wl^2/2E.

Numankhan said:   5 years ago
Explain the answer please.

Murli said:   1 month ago
I think option A is the correct answer.

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