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The unit of modulus of elasticity is same as those of
stress, strain and pressure
stress, force and modulus of rigidity
strain, force and pressure
stress, pressure and modulus of rigidity
Answer: Option
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Arevarapu ramu said:   7 years ago
I think Option D is correct.

PARAG said:   8 years ago
Stress unit = pressure unit = modulus of rigidity = N/MM^2.

Nikhil r.Shewale said:   8 years ago
Option D is the correct answer.

Ankit said:   9 years ago
Modulus of elasticity = Stress\Strain --> Force upon area/Change in length upon length = Force upon area.

Stress = Force upon area.

Strain = Change in length upon length.

Pressure = Force upon area 0.

Modulus of rigidity = Shear stress upon shear strain = Force upon area.

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