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The ratio of total useful heat drop to the total isentropic heat drop, is called

[A]. stage efficiency
[B]. internal efficiency
[C]. Rankine efficiency
[D]. none of these

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Arun said: (Jul 21, 2013)  
Where is this used?

Ravi Chander.N said: (Feb 21, 2015)  
What is the isentropic heat drop?

Malik said: (Feb 21, 2015)  
The flow through nozzles is deemed as adiabatic i.e. isentropic, because heat doesn't find time to loss in space due to very high speed of fluid, but practically there should be some heat losses, isentropic heat drop represent our assumption i.e (s=constant) & heat drop represent the very actual case,

Suryakant said: (Jul 12, 2015)  
What is internal efficiency?

Bapun said: (Sep 13, 2015)  
Its answer in book is nozzle efficiency.

So how is the right answer?

Bhairabmondal. said: (Sep 25, 2015)  
It is called nozel efficiency.

Mvk said: (May 24, 2016)  
Is there any significance of internal efficiency in turbines?

Only stage efficiency and overall efficiency are calculated.

Engr Arshad Jamali said: (Dec 5, 2016)  
It is also called as nozzle efficiency.

Vijay Kumar said: (Dec 22, 2016)  
It's right answer is that nozzle efficiency.

Nayan Gogoi said: (Jun 13, 2017)  
It's Nozzle efficiency.

Dhiraj said: (Aug 22, 2017)  
Why this is not a stage efficiency?

Please give me solution.

Durugappa said: (Oct 3, 2017)  
This is called nozzle efficiency.

Tanmoy said: (Dec 1, 2017)  
Nozzle efficiency and internal efficiently are same.

Somashekar S M said: (Jul 10, 2018)  
Isentropic efficiency is regarded as internal efficiency of steam turbine.

Bidhan Das said: (Oct 24, 2019)  
It is called nozzle efficiency.

Vinay Bel said: (Oct 28, 2020)  
Nozzle efficiency is the right answer.

Nani said: (Jun 2, 2021)  
Rankine efficiency is right one.

Chehen said: (Jul 30, 2021)  
Nozzle efficiency =internal efficiency =efficiency ratio=(useful heat drop/isentropic heat drop).

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