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When the speed of the crankshaft is between 100 r.p.m. and 250 r.p.m., the engine said to be a

[A]. slow speed engine
[B]. medium speed steam engine
[C]. high speed steam engine
[D]. none of these

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Harsh said: (Oct 23, 2013)  
SLOW SPEED ENGINES - Engines which have rpm less than 300 r.p.m
MEDIUM SPEED ENGINES - Engines which have rpm ranging from 300-1000 r.p.m.
HIGH SPEED ENGINES - Engines which have rpm more than 1000 r.p.m.

Answer given is wrong.

Babu..:) said: (Nov 7, 2014)  
Answer given is right.

Slow speed - less than 100.

Medium speed - 100 to 250.

High speed - above 250.

Anuruddh said: (Mar 27, 2016)  
Mr, @Harsh. Here talking about the steam engine.

So, @Babu's answer is correct.

Mayur said: (Aug 18, 2016)  

In question, it doesn't say anything about steam engine so either slow speed should be correct or either both option A & B should be correct.

Venkatesh said: (Jul 13, 2017)  
Here, the answer is both A, B.

Narsingh said: (Oct 19, 2017)  
Yes, you both are correct @Mayur and @Venkatesh.

Option A&B correct.

Saimun Zoha said: (Dec 3, 2017)  
According to me, A and B both are correct.

Aadari Pradeep said: (Oct 17, 2018)  
Yes, option B is correct because the medium speed engine starts from 100-250rpm.

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