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Drilling is an example of
orthogonal cutting
oblique cutting
simple cutting
uniform cutting
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Vignesh reddy said:   2 years ago
Drilling is a simple cutting.

It is said to be oblique cutting angle is less than 90. Hence it is a simple cutting.

Abhishek said:   2 years ago
If we consider the only partial angle of point angle. It comes to less than 90 degrees. That is the condition for oblique cutting.

Masiur rahman said:   4 years ago
Drilling is a oblique cutting because the angles of threads on drill bit are at an angle grater than 90 degree.

Vignesh K said:   4 years ago
In orthogonal cutting, the cutting edge of the tool is perpendicular to the axis of rotation of w/p i.e. 90 deg, while in oblique cutting, cutting edge is inclined at an angle to the w/p rotating axis. The drilling operation, the drill bit has a point angle, which is 118 degree for general purpose, hence it is oblique cutting. For a drilling operation to be orthogonal, the point angle should be 180 deg, which is not possible as a point angle is necessarily made less than 180 to centre the w/p in the material.

Lakshmi Prasad said:   6 years ago
As drill bit angle is 118 it is greater than 90° so oblique cutting.

Pragati nayak said:   7 years ago
Please expla me, what is oblique cutting?

Kalandi Tarai said:   7 years ago
What is uniform cutting? Please, anybody explain.

Saksham Gupta said:   7 years ago
For a process to be Orthogonal machining process the angle between the cutting speed vector and the chip flow direction is 90 degrees and also the cutting edge must be perpendicular to cutting velocity.

Dilip said:   7 years ago
The width of workpiece decreases when cutting not less than 90 degrees. In oblique cutting width may not decreases.

Cnu said:   8 years ago
Why the angle of the drill bit is less than 90 degree, why not more than 90 degrees in oblique cutting?

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