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The chamfering is an essential operation after
rough turning
thread cutting
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Sohan Roy said:   6 years ago
Chamfering is the operation of bevelling rhe extreme ends of workpiece to remove the burrs and to protect the end of the workpiece from being damaged and to have a better look.

It is done after rough turning, boring, drilling, knurling, thrrad cutting.

It is an essential operation after thread cutting so that nut may pass freely on the threaded workpiece.

Amit said:   4 years ago
Thread cutting is the correct answer.

Sampath said:   1 decade ago
Because we can't able to remove the nut from bolt assembly by chamfering operation.

Manish said:   7 years ago
Because after chamfering bolt can be easily assembled into the bolt. Because chamfering provide cone shape at the end of the bolt.

Ajay tiwari said:   7 years ago
Correct answer is boring, on thread chamfer is done before not after.

Kuldeep said:   6 years ago
Boring is also right answer.

Somashekar S M said:   6 years ago
Chamfering is an essential operation BEFORE thread cutting so that the nut may pass freely on the threaded workpiece.

Dhavalchaudhary said:   5 years ago
I agree D is the correct answer.

Bhargav said:   5 years ago
Yes Ajay, thred.

Ding is done after chamfer and boring are done before chamfer.

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