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Stellite preserve hardness upto a temperature of
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Shri said:   1 decade ago
Actually its hot hardness temp is 800°C.

Satyam dwivedi said:   7 years ago
Carbon steel tool 200-250 *.
HSS 650*.
Stelite 900*.
Cemented carbide tool 1000-1200*.
Ceramics tool 1400*.

Shiv said:   7 years ago
The correct answer 900.

Prakash said:   4 years ago
What's the source for saying that the stellite temperature is 900? Please provide it if possible.

Sapan said:   4 years ago
Hss - 600° C.
Stellite - 700° C.
Cemented carbide - 760° C.

Ryan said:   2 years ago
Stellite is an alloy of Cobalt, Chromium and Tungsten and it is a non-ferrous alloy. The hardness of Stellite is not affected by heat up to 1100°C and it is actually tougher at red heat than in cold. Due to this important characteristic, it is widely used in cutting tool materials.

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