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In machining soft materials, a tool with negative relief angle is used.
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Sanjeev yasholiya said:   7 years ago
Negative rake angle never exists it varies from 5 to 15.

Younas said:   7 years ago
Not relief angle, it is a negitive rack angle.

Relief angles are to avoid the tool rubbing from work piece.

Younas said:   7 years ago
It must be negative rack angle.

Karthik said:   8 years ago
I think -ve rake angle is given for machining of high strength materials. And -ve relief angle does not even make sense. Does -ve relief angle even exists?

Evita said:   8 years ago
Goodmorning! I was reading about thermal spray coating properties (ASM, 2004) and it is mentioned that "Substrate asperities with negative relief can be formed prior to coating by grit blasting and other mechanical surface preparation techniques". So looking at the answers above "negative relief" is an angle or it can also be something else? if it can what is it? can someone recommend an enlightening article?

Dinesh said:   8 years ago
Negative rake only used for hard metals. But negative relief angle used for soft metals.

Syed Farhan Javed said:   8 years ago
It should be rake angle.

Anto said:   8 years ago
The answer is wrong.

Sandip Thakkr said:   8 years ago
The answer should be rake angle.

- It makes the tool blunter, increasing the strength of the cutting edge.

Adarsh said:   8 years ago
Relief angle never negative. It lie between 3-15 degree.

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